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In 1955, Beckson was founded to manufacture the first dependable, self-priming, all plastic bilge pumps. The use of plastics for Marine products was limited. Although the advantages of reduced weight, low maintenance, high impact strength, cost reduction and corrosion resistance were beginning to be recognized. By the 70’s, Plastic had become “state-of-the-art” in our industry. Eliminating problems of electrolysis, corrosion, lubrication, maintenance, and annual repainting. Plastic also eliminated problems associated with thru-mounted metal parts which cause condensation, stain surfaces, and suffer from material deterioration of the metal.

Several years were needed to develop the technology to produce our line of Thirsty-Mate® hand pumps without the use of metal components. The Coast Guard Approved Model No. 519CG high capacity pump was built to meet the original specifications of Coast Guard regulation No. 519C. The specifications of this regulation were reduced when no hand lift pump other than Beckson’s could pass test requirements. Thousands of Thirsty-Mate pumps are still valued by their original owners after years of dependable service.

Customer acceptance of the performance and quality of the Thirsty-Mate pump provided the foundation for the development of a product line in excess of two hundred items. The need for an access plate to enable deck mounting the 519C pump led to the design and production of the “first” pop-out deck plate. Thus, eliminating the need for the spanner wrench necessary to open threaded metal models. Further developments in deck plate design led to the first use of an extra heavy, self-cleaning buttress thread in Beckson screw out models. Perhaps our greatest contribution to the marine industry has been the extensive research leading to the design of our patented line of hatches and opening ports, the Vent-O-Mate® exhaust ventilator, and air scoops which abate condensation and mildew.

People often ask how Beckson has been so innovative over so long a period of time. It’s simple – we’re a company of Boaters for Boaters. Most of us have had a lifelong involvement using boats. Beckson means personal interest in boating, personal involvement, personal experience, and personal reputation. For over 40 years we have collaborated with material manufacturers to develop materials that will withstand the harsh marine environment. We were among the first to introduce molded and rigid PVC, Korad®, Rovel® and other specially manufactured materials to the marine marketplace; continuing a Beckson tradition of providing our customers and with products manufactured today using materials of tomorrow.

Beckson products have become the standard by which other marine parts are measured. We are not surprised by their designed trouble-free durable performance. Continuous testing, refinement, and development are the hallmarks of Beckson. Our customer’s confidence has enabled us to complete over 40 years of apprenticeship, and with their valued support, we continue to improve our products and provide personal service and exceptional quality at affordable prices.

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