ABYC H-3 and H-4 are already compliant for watertight deck structures and cockpits. Beckson Marine’s 4″ Screw-Out, and 6″ and 8″ Screw-Out and Pry-Out Deck Plates are now certified by testing to meet the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA) rigorous standards. They conform to NEMA 250 6P Submergence.

In independent lab testing, the Beckson Marine deck plates were mounted in a fixture that simulated a boat installation. In separate tests, they were sprayed with high-pressure water jets and submerged 6′ for 24 hours. No leakage was observed.

In a final test, they were each loaded with 300 lbs., disassembled, reassembled and subjected to the same water tightness trials as before. The Beckson deck plates remained tight, sound and dry.

These certifications bring peace-of-mind to boat owners, dealers and boatbuilders looking to install the finest and safest equipment available. Few deck plates in the marketplace achieve this level of water tightness.

The company’s Pry-Out Deck Plates feature heavy-duty O-rings to ensure a watertight fit. Its Screw-Out Deck Plates seal easily, without jamming. All three deck plate sizes come in a choice of non-skid or smooth finishes, and with black, white, beige or clear centers. OEM color match is also available with a minimum run quantity. Lightweight and non-corroding, they’re built strong and rugged for long, safe service lives.