At Beckson, Inc. the safety of our customers has always been a priority. We have developed our high quality products with just that in mind, while also ensuring efficiency that our customers need. We want you to be safe.

Our concern for your safety is not new. Beckson was the first to develop and implement the innovative Straplock – to help prevent accidental or unauthorized use of a pump. The threaded locking-handle, another safety feature we use, was also developed by Beckson.

C-6 SERIES VENTILATORS are designed as ventilators for cabin spaces and do not replace engine room blowers and exhausts. Dangerous conditions can arise from fuel vapors and fumes including propane, gas, combustion by-products, and flammable material. Appropriate ventilators should be used for those conditions.

UTILITY PUMPS 212A, 212PGA, 212PC, 216PC DRUM PUMPS 112FUB36, 336PF3-S, 436PF3-S, SIPHON PUMPS 109PC and 109A are to be used only for the fluids for which they are designated. Please be careful if using flammable liquids: provide adequate ventilation, wear protective gear and NO SMOKING IN THE PUMPING AREA!


                                    LEGAL NOTICES

 Beckson, Thirsty-Mate, and the trade dress, red and grey colors, and angled outlet sleeve, the “T” shaped pump handle, and the color red applied to the handles of these pumps are registered trademarks of Beckson: Reg. Nos. 2195309; 0693479; 1883322; 2439761; 2466454; and 2486584. Reg. U.S. Patent & TM Off.

The Whale Tail logo is a registered trademark of Beckson. The mark BXN is a registered trademark of Beckson. Thirsty-Mate, Siphon-Mate, Vent-O-Mate, Sea Snap, Step-Mate, Hook Mate are all Beckson registered trademarks.