Beckson has a long history of rescuing stray animals.   We make every effort to locate owners, but people just abandon animals when they are done with them.   Dogs, cats, squirrels and crows have all spent time with us.

Rescue Dog in Amsterdam

Ok….. Frank and Ben are attending the Mets Show in Amsterdam this year (2009) and they resuce this little dog.

They were walking to dinner when this dog ran past them.   Frank gets the dog to come to him to keep it out of traffic.  He makes a leash from their name badge lanyards and waits.

In a couple of minutes, a shop owner comes up looking for his dog and sees it with Frank and Ben.

Apparently the dog got out when a customer opened the door.

One lucky dog.

ShevaThis was our original rescue dog. He was very young when he joined us. Once he matured, he went to the Red Acre Farm for his training.

Twenty-five year old Allison of Boston, MA is looking forward to the arrival of her new roommate, “Sheva”. Born with a severe to profound hearing loss, Allison has often missed visitors and phone calls because she cannot always hear the door or phone. Not long after she moved into her Boston apartment, there was a fire alarm in her building. Luckily, Allison was able to know what was going on because her electricity was affected and she went to the building manager’s office to complain. These and other events convinced Allison she should apply to Red Acre Farm Hearing Dog Center for a Hearing Dog. Enter “Sheva”, a one-year-old black Labrador retriever mix who’s Hebrew name means “free spirit”. “Sheva” originally from the Connecticut Humane Society in Westport, CT, will be trained for six months at Red Acre Farm before being placed with Allison. Once there, “Sheva” will alert her mistress to vital everyday sounds — the door knock, telephone ring, apartment security buzzer and smoke alarm. And, in order to make sure that the bond between these two team members remains strong, “Sheva” will also accompany Allison to work in an area group home where she works as the house manager. Placement is scheduled for February, 1990.


Becky was our second house dog.  She was very cautious around strangers.  Once she got to know you, she was great company.  She went to live on a farm.  She loved the freedom she had on the farm.

Rosie BeforeRosie After

Rosie was near death when she found us.   The second picture is from 1 year later.   She lives with an employee..

House Dog

Shadow was our last house dog.  Shadow wandered into the parking lot and never left.   He is a great guard dog.  Big, loud and gentle as a baby.

City Rabit

Rabbit is just hanging out. She is the newest addition.  She must be a city rabbit.

Yippy Dog

This little white dog was a real mess when she came here.  She cleaned up well and lives with an employee.

kittyBeher with Kitty

We have even had kittens.  All are in good homes.

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