Internal Rain Shields


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Provide Constant Fresh Air for your boat.
Beckson’s Internal Rain Shields allow windows to be left open and fresh air to circulate. Eliminates not only stagnant, unhealthy air, but also helps prevent mildew formation. No longer is opening a closed boat an overwhelming experience. Internal Rain Shields allow comfortable, healthy air flow during all warm weather conditions, including rain showers. Boat owners without Beckson ports can adapt Internal Rain Shields to some non-Beckson ports.  Internal rain shields have bug screen installed.

Open Louvered Designs For Maximum Ventilation. Heat Repelling Smoked Lens.

Double Louver
IRS-414S for 4 x 14 opening ports
IRS-512S for 5 x 12 opening ports
IRS-714S for 7 x 14 opening ports
Single Louver
Model No.
IRS-310S for 3 x 10 opening ports
IRS-410S for 4 x 10 opening ports

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310, 410, 414, 512, 714